12 Dec 2014

Holiday baking: Hungarian honey-christmas cookies

Almost ready for my long, 5 months absence at work! Next week 2 more days at work and then I'm off at 36 weeks pregnant. Up until now everything went perfect, no problems, pains at all. I was told by everybody that it is practically impossible to continue working as a nurse longer than 34 weeks pregnant, but I proved them wrong. Of course, not having major health issues and staying very active (plus not gaining a lot of weight) during my pregnancy was essential to be able to do this.

Stopped with running at 33.5 weeks, simply because my stride changed putting more pressure on the outer part of my lower legs which didn't feel right. Now I'm running up- en down the stairs at home instead... and of course, bike to work every day.

My new invention: this year's personal Christmas gifts: cookie jars, filled with delicious, home-made Hungarian honey-christmas cookies (Mézeskalács). The spices are very similar to pumpkin spice mix and also to the dutch 'speculaaskruiden'. Personally, I prefer to use the Chinese 5-spice mix instead because of the little kick of ground pepper in it! My icing looks quite basic and not as beautiful as those of the professionals, but I think it's just perfect for these home made cookies:

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