12 Dec 2014

Inspiration: 4 decorative diy pillow ideas from the internet

these pics are courtesy of the owners - see links below

Though I have a zillion baby-related projects to finish from playpen-mat to bathcape, changing cushion covers and mobiles I still love to think about new projects and browse the internet for new ideas. Sometimes, something simple can turn out great, like my most recent creation, a faux fur footstool, which took only 1/2 day to make and I use it every day!
Now, that the Holiday season is approaching I'd like to make a few new, fluffy, modern and cozy pillows for the sofa. These would make great gift-items too!
Here is my top-4 list for the best ideas. Are you inspired?

1. I know, I know, it's a bag. But: imagine turning this pattern into a pillow!
I love the felt look. This bag is actually knitted with a chunky wool yarn with an easy bobble pattern and then washed in the washing machine to turn the yarn into felt. I can think of hundreds of design variations for the placement of the bobbles: using only two rows on one side, in a rectangular shape in the middle or both at left and right, just like on the flap of this bag...
As for the color: I'm currently in love with everything white, off-white and shades of grey, but pastel colors could work beautifully as well.
Because chunky yarn tends to be expensive I'd use plain fabric for the back. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to allow about 30% extra in size when knitting, since felting makes the work shrink.
original pattern here: drops felted knit bag

2. the second one is a rather simple recycle project: an old jeans transformed into a modern looking pillow. The site is Norwegian, but I guess the fabric stripes must be about a cm wide. I think the best is to use a thinner jeans fabric, which is less stiff than the classic workers pants. This would make the cutting and knitting easier. The pattern they used is a simple garter stitch.
Again, the back of the pillow is made from a piece of matching fabric.
pattern here: recycled jeans pillow

3. If you are not keen on knitting you can use a better quality ready-made felt for this modern circle pillow. The coffee-brown circles are placed in a geometric pattern and simply sewn in one vertical line through the middle. A combination of off-white and grey or off-white and mustard would make a sophisticated version too, just like a subtle white and beige version. You can go for more fun with a lot of different colors too!

4. Another knitted one: simply beautiful, but with lots of structure. They use more strands of thinner yarn for the black embroidery on a chunky knitted base which is made in an easy stocking stitch. You could change the color combinations.
pattern here: monochrome knit pillow

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