6 Dec 2014

diy holiday project: faux fur footstool

Apparently, faux fur (foot)stools are in! They seems to be everywhere, in fancy interior design magazines and in the shops.
First things first. This week we've got a very, very ugly, brown faux leather footstool. It was a family hand-down 'because-you-like-old-stuff'... Yeah.We do. We like nice, old stuff, not junk...
This ugly thing had a lid and a worn out plastic 'storage' inside. Yikes!
The only thing we liked about it were the 60's looking legs. So I thought, okay, why not remove the legs and use them for another, fancier footstool?
Until I discovered the faux fur stool-hype! Below left is one of the many inspirational pics I came across in a magazine:

I've bought a half a meters piece of very light beige, long haired faux fur for 5 euro's, and used a left-over piece of an old sheet. After just a few hours of sewing I've got my fancy faux fur stool! 

As a first layer I used the old sheet to make a fitted cover as the base for the faux fur layer. I did this completely free-hand. Simply cut a circle for the top, attached a rectangular piece for around and made a casing with elastics at the bottom. This part was whipped up very quickly!

Then came the faux fur part, which is mostly handsewing. Now this took me quite a few hours to finish!
Cutting long faux fur can be really messy, so you should use pointy scissors and stay as close to the surface as possible, to avoid cutting across the long hairs.

Of course, I came fur short for the top layer, so had to put a few pieces together. Great thing about the long haired fur is that if you sew carefully you can cover the seams easily:

Finally, I sewed the top circle to the seeth layer by hand. Again, there is almost no seaming visible, which guarantees the 'expensive' look instead of a cheap knock-off!

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