20 Sept 2013

Phillipa jumper: 7. My seamless pocket lining

The pattern instructs to cast off 24 stitches for the pocket opening and then to cast on the same amount in the next row. When the front is finished you should pick up 24 stitches along the top edge of the pocket opening (the cast on edge) and knit a pocket lining in stockinette stitch. The cast off (lower edge) is then finished with two rows of double crochet.

We all know that picking up stitches always adds a small amount of bulk. To avoid the bulkiness I came up with the following seamless solution:

1. I knitted the pocket lining first, by casting on the same amount stitches and knitting in stockinette as instructed by the original pattern.
My lining is a bit shorter about 5 cm (2 in) since the pocket has just a decorative function:

2. Without finishing the stitches I inserted the piece while knitting the next row of the front instead of casting on new stitches for the upper edge of the pocket opening:

This is what it looks like after a few rows when continuing in pattern. No seam!

The back needs the same finishing as the original, the side and bottom edge of the lining will be sewn in place after blocking:

For now I basted the lining in place to prevent stretching out of the pocket opening while knitting the front:

Next up: My version of the back neck opening

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