22 Nov 2011

Macaron muslin - part 3.

Third and final muslin of my Macaron dress! To make things easier I amputated the bodice of my size 4 muslin and attached it to the yoke and upper part of my size 2 muslin. And voila, it resulted in the (almost) perfect fit! Look, the yoke looks flat and the bodice isn't tight anymore:


The bulk on the upper back is gone now and the bust dart sits at the right place:
(new size 2/4 (left) size 2 (right))


There is some room under the busts, but it is not annoying and this dress doesn't have a skin-tight fit.
If you look carefully you can observe that the line where the the midriff band and bodice meet goes slightly upwards towards the front in the right picture and has a slightly curved downwards line in the left picture.
I need to cut a small stroke of fabric at the bottom of the bodice in the front to straighten the curved line and make it look horizontal. This will help to flat out the small bulk under the busts below:

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