20 Nov 2011

Macaron muslin part 2.

Second attempt... I've cut size 4 now. The only adjustment was lengthening the bodice by 2 cm. The results are not perfect, but I have an idea how to make the third one... This time I left some extra fabric at the sleeve but I like the original length better. The pictures:


Obviously, the length adjustment of the bodice is unnecessary, so I took out the extra length (picture on the right) and it already looks better. Especially the fit around the midriff:


Still, it looked like the front yoke was too wide. Let's take a look at the size 2 again:
(size 2 pics left and size 4 right)
- the yoke looks much better on the left (size 2) I also like the look of a shorter front yoke (the proportions are just better)
- around the bust the size 4 has more ease
- but under the bust (where the darts are) I'm not sure. I think this is going to be size 4 as well as the waistband. I really need the width at that point! Size 3 is just skin-tight...


Of course, I'm going to make a third muslin where I'm going to cut size 2 at the top yoke and widen it down to size 4. Hopefully will all my efforts result in a perfect fit!

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  1. Hi there. I think your size 2 looks much better than the 4 as far as fit but maybe just a little bit too tight. But I think the main problem is the bust darts. These appear to be too high in the photos (the side ones) and the ones coming up from the midriff are too long. If you change these it might change the shape of the bodice by giving you a bit more room where you need it. Just my thoughts!