18 Nov 2011

Macaron muslin part 1.

As for my Ceylon dress I used a size 2 pattern, and for the Jasmineblouse even the size 0 pattern I thought it would be the same with the Macaron. Strangely, this size 2 muslin is just too tight and too short everywhere!

- I can get my head through the opening which seems rather small, so that's good.
- I really like the back darts, they make the fit so much better! You usually see them on vintage patterns, but not on modern patterns. I wonder why...
- The fit around the shoulders and the upper part of the bodice is just right, from the side it seems to have enough just ease for me
- Even less ease on the lower parts...
 I looove the fit of the upper yoke around the above the bust area! As you can see here the bust dart is way too high, needs to be lowered by +/- 2 cm

- I'm going to make a size 4 muslin to see whether the bust dart gets lower and the fit of the midriff part gets better.
- I think the upper yoke of the bodice is just right, it shouldn't be too roomy. (Size 4 might be just a tad better though I'm not sure)
- Probably, at the end I just need to use size 4 (or even 6) for the lower part and size 2 for the upper part of the bodice
- As usually I didn't make a skirt muslin, I just assume the fit of that will be OK. As I look at Macaron dresses on the internet I think I definitely need to lengthen the skirt to have that 'just above the knee' length I prefer.

I really like the fit of this Macaron dress! She lenghtened the midriff band by 1 inch and the skirt by 3.5 inches.

At last I decided to get a remote shutter for my camera, Making pictures of myself is so much easier now! I can't wait to finish this dress and make great pics which are not blurry.


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