21 Oct 2014

Philar 093/30 sleeveless pullover - all pieces ready!

Here are the front and back pieces. I already have the neck and armhole ribbing ready, those will be attached separately.
It is always fun to learn new techniques and I have two, for me new things to show you later this week: a picture heavy post on how to knit a neat V-neck ribbing and one on knitting and attaching ribbings separately. 
Below pinned before steaming (I always pin and steam the pieces from the wrong side)

The cute triangle-pattern from the right side:

And here it is from the right side. I really like how neat it looks and there are no long floating strands for longer than 2 stitches. Neat and not to mention handy for little baby fingers.

There is a neck opening in the back. On the wrong side I added a few stitches in moss-stitch to keep the edge of the underlayment straight. (On the right side I only knitted the first two stitches in moss-stitch for the same reason)

Click for pics of the finished garment here!

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