13 Aug 2014

thoughts on maternity wear

thoughts on maternity wear
Who wants to look like Kim Kardashian?! Probably the worst dressed pregnant ever imo (and I even saved you the picture of her swollen feet pressed in transparent PVC shoes...)
The sad thing about maternity items is that you only wear them during a few months. Probably this is the reason that I'm not crazy about buying anything labeled 'maternity' yet. Still, I'm not planning wearing only oversized and stretchy items for now. That's just not me... While stretchy, jersey items are certainly comfortable I'm not a huge fan. I absolutely hate when pregnant women are dressed in tight fitting knit-dresses or tops which show every lump and bump, muffin-tops and saggy breasts. Hope to be able to avoid that myself!   
I really like the 1960's maternity dresses. Just simple A-line dresses which are very flattering imo when you have a smaller bump. While I thought princess Catherine dressed a bit plain and boring, I liked to see her wearing quite a few A-line dresses and coats during her pregnancy.
When browsing through pics I  tend to choose a little 'spicier' approach, with more separates and definitely more patterns and structures.
While during the warm months you can wear flowy dresses, during the autumn and winter you can layer! Right now I'm wearing non-maternity items as long as possible. The best thoughts I came across until now are these:
  • When you're pregnant is just like dressing when you are not, it depends on your shape and how your body changes
  • Buy clothes that fit in places that won't grow, like your shoulders.
current maternity items:

  • maternity bra
Luckily, at 16 weeks I still managed to fit into my jeans and had absolutely no bra-size issues until week 13 started. Suddenly (it seems) I really, really needed to size up... almost two cup sizes more than I normally wear! After fitting I bought the larger size of this basic 'maternity growth-bra' which allows some stretching anyway and hope to be able to do with it for the next trimester or longer...  My most expensive maternity item until now, for a whopping 40 euro's.

I'm planning to buy just a few maternity items, and only when it is really necessary. Still, we are in the middle of the sale month july (the other sale month is january here) and I bought two items for the fall/winter months:
  • maternity parka - on sale!
There is no need for bump-dressing yet, but I had to buy this maternity parka which was on sale for 15 euro's (H&M). While the parka is a light weight spring/autumn trench-coat-type fabric you can comfortably layer underneath because it is soooo roomy without looking oversized. I think probably this will be the only coat I buy. Who knows what size I'm going to be by the time I need a winter-coat, and for the last few months I'd rather buy a second hand one than to invest in a new one.

  • maternity blouse - on sale!
This also-on-sale and non-stretch maternity blouse from H&M has a great fit in the shoulders and back and it is roomy in the front. Probably can't wear it until the autumn months because my bump is too small, but it has enough room in case I might grow more in the underarm-bust area.
Another bargain for 10 euro's:

on my wish list:
  • a pair of maternity jeans:
Probably unavoidable to buy a pair of maternity jeans (or two) since I wear a jeans on a daily base when biking to work. My low-rise jeans still fit and when biking I just use the rubber band trick.
For now, I absolutely hate those huge belly-flaps (the so-called 'ultimate panel') and even now can't stand anything touching my belly. I hope to find one with a demi-band or the elastic pocket-inserts by the time my regular jeans won't fit.
Unfortunately there are no GAP-stores here, but we can diy, can't we? Bring on the scissors!

  • a denim maternity shirt:
Though I'm not a denim-girl, and normally find it too casual for my style, this is a great item to layer during the autumn/winter months! I would definitely invest in a maternity version instead one in a larger size. All seamstresses know that a good fit in the shoulder area is essential for a good looking and fitting garment. Simply sizing up won't work. I'm convinced, that unless you are very slim built, you look like an elephant in simply oversized clothes! So, borrowing your boyfriend's or husband's shirts is a big no-no!

spent before week 17:
I decided to keep track on my investments on maternity items. Planning to bore you with a weekly overview from now on!

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