11 Aug 2014


We expecting a baby in january 2015! I'm a bit longer than 17 weeks along and we've just told it to our co-workers this past week. This is something we have been waiting for 3 years, and let me tell you, you learn to be patient after a while... We've also enjoyed to keep this little secret to ourselves and it wasn't hard at all! I'm just starting to show and it wasn't obvious for others.
did you know that...
I started the vintage baby bootie posts more than a year ago?
The first trimester went really well, I guess I can't complain. Besides being tired (and that's something that shows) I've only had 2 or 3 weeks of morning sickness, which was't even that bad. I kept on running, actually run more during the past months than before. It wasn't the reason of the abscence of blog posts, I just enjoyed the warm summer days!

Of course, it gave me some thoughts how to handle this here on my blog. I'm not planning to bore you with bump-pics (it really is just your breakfast until 17 weeks) and detailed descriptions of my symptoms or my weight gain (not interesting and not busy with it anyway).

What I'd like to do is sharing my thoughts on maternity fashion (sadly there are mostly boring and disappointing garments out there), exercising (because I think it is important) and a fun post on vintage maternity fashion (because I love research) I think I can't avoid making or make over a few maternity garments myself, so I'lm planning to share that too.
Much more fun, isn't it?

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