14 Jul 2014

the first McCalls Archive collection patterns

Finally, the first vintage-patterns from McCall's Archive Collection! Read about it here.
It is a 1930's jacket and skirt, both with 2 versions. I prefer the grey, pinstriped  one, since the blue jacket looks rather like a blouse to me. It could be the fabric choice though...

The jacket is 6995 and the skirt is 6993. Though the patterns are not 'originals' (they only replicate the original pattern illustration) they look good, with pretty details, and most importantly, well-fitted!
It would be great to have the two patterns as a set in one envelop, instead of two separate patterns, right? I guess it's a marketing strategy, instead of buying just one you probably want to have both. The good news is, it is on sale right now for 3.99$ (until the end of 14th of july)
It's a pity they choose not to show the original drawing either. I collected a few similar looking images from the mid 30's, to show more options for fabric choices and accessories:

As for the choice of design I hope they keep up the standard, since the recent Vintage Vogue patterns weren't really special. I loved the Vintage Vogues because they had quite a few 40's patterns, while Butterick seemed to have more 50's dresses. I think, the McCall's Archive collection patterns would be a great option to buy - especially, if they include patterns from my favorite era, the 40's too!

According to the article above they are reissuing Downton Abbey-inspired sewing patterns too, in the Fall issue of Butterick. Can't wait! 

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