17 Jul 2014

1934 summer cruise wardrobe - article

The summer is back! After a few very rainy days finally it's sunny outside, here in the Netherlands. I'm already back to work, but some of you might just start to enjoy weeks off, preparing for a trip far from home.
Last week I wrote about my tips for festival outfits, now get back in time for a crispy, fresh holiday wardrobe from the 30's! Back then, going on cruise was very fashionable. Enjoying the fresh air, sunbathing on the ship, fancy dinners with entertainment, trips to the shore to visit foreign towns and cultures.
Although this article is from 1934 there are a lot of tips you could use when packing for your holiday wardrobe, even when not going on a cruise.

This summer cruise wardrobe plan based on the classic and fresh white, red and navy color combination. If those are not your colors (white is certainly not mine) the article advises on other color options as well. How about string-color* combined with bright green, pale blue and some brown or grey with cornflower-blue, pale blue and white? Scroll down to read!
*string-color is beige

"don't wear these on cruises!
  • printed crepe-de-chine or crepe day dresses
  • any dresses that are 'frilly'
  • high-heeled shoes
  • black for daytime, unless it is linen
  • dresses of elaborate materials, such as satin
  • elaborate make-up by day
  • jwellery in the daytime
  • 'trimmed' hats
  • taffeta (it will split) or lame (it will tarnish)"

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