23 Apr 2014

Talking about the perfect fit...

Talking about the perfect fit, how about this pretty, pale pink skirt and top, Duchess Catherine wore today? I like the contrast between the elegant, minimal top and flared skirt. A top with such 'clean' lines needs to fit perfectly. Choosing the perfect color for your complexion is another important thing of course.

Let's take a look at the pictures above:

  • the waistline of the top sits at the natural waist
  • there is a perfect amount of ease 
  • shoulder width is perfect
  • look at the picture where she lifts her arm! That's how a perfect armhole should behave! 
  • the neckline lies flat, there is no gaping
  • there are no drag-lines or wrinkles 
  • the bust dart might be just a tad too high imo (hits right at the apex) 
  • skirt hem hits the leg elegantly just at the knee

It looks like the fabric is some kind of heavier (wool crepe?) jersey. The peplum has more body than the skirt, so it is probably underlined.
I tried to search the net for the original Alexander McQueen garments but could only find something similar. The top at left features the just slightly flared peplum and the V-neck, but placement of the bust darts is different. The top in the middle has the right color and dart placement, but the peplum is more flared. I guess the skirt is similar to this one below. At first I thought it was a circle-skirt but then noticed the pleats.


If you'd like to make something similar, I have the right patterns for you!
Vogue 8815 peplum top:

Butterick 5756 pleated skirt:

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