4 Apr 2014

beauty behind glasses: 1945 make-over

Are you a 40's gal wearing glasses? Let's take a closer look at this 1945 makeover session with the AWW's beauty-expert!
Popular make-overs magazines are not new. Take someone who is unhappy with the way she looks, and let the stylists and make-up artists do their job. Look, even the way pictures are taken is the same: 'before' a sad, clearly unhappy look, little or no make-up and even the light hits her face from above which makes her features look 'droopy', while the 'after' picture is happy and bright... The shadow of the glasses on her face is different and her hair looks shinier. I guess, some things never change.
Some things does though, because Gloria doesn't get a new outfit in this article. In 1945 the beauty expert chooses to recycle her old hat, and shows how to put it on to make it look more flattering. Still, I like the stye of the article, it is written fun and animated, giving exactly the same tips a contemporary stylist would:

the makeover step-by-step:

looking happy:

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