5 Apr 2014

40's hollywood starlet: linda darnell

"Although she is only 20, lovely Linda Darnell is one of the most popular glamour girls at Fox Studios. A few months ago Linda eloped with Fox cameraman Sergeant Pewell Marley, and since her marriage has been one of the most tireless war workers in the film colony. This  young star is a qualified nurses' side, hostess at the Hollywood Canteen, and with her friend, Ann Miller runs a special day-nurseryfor the children of mothers engaged in war work. Latest film is "Buffalo Bill" with Joel McCree." (october 1943)
Linda Darnell was another Hollywood beauty. She was very young when she arrived in Hollywood from Texas. She made her debut at the age of 16 in her first movie, was married and divorced 3 times. Hollywood could make you or break you, and although the newspapers picture her as a healthy, non-dinking, non-smoking actress, she turned to alcohol during most of her acting career. Her life ended tragically at the age of 41, she died in a fire.

A scene from the movie 'Fallen Angel' from 1945 - listen to that voice!

All images: AWW through Trove
"Linda Darnell, who just turned 21, has been playing sophisticated adult roles since she was 15. At 19, Linda married cameraman Pewerell Marley, who is over twenty years her senior. Tis glamorous young star doesn't drink or smoke, and dislikes night-clubs. You will see her soon in Fox's film biography of famous band-leader Benny Goodman, 'Sweet and Low down'." (january 1945)

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