9 Oct 2013

Phillipa jumper: 11. the big reveal!


After all those weeks you might be wondering how my finished jumper look like. You also might wonder why I choose to make 10 posts instead of just a few. Well, I like to do a lot of research for my projects and I like to experiment with different methods to achieve perfect results. If you look back you can find a lot of information on how to knit a vintage jumper for yourself. Well, here it is! And it definitely looks good for a first try!
(I'm wearing here a linen skirt, hence all those wrinkles...)


Front and back view:

The button tab:

So what am I going to do differently next time?
to change next time
  • yarn (go for nice, smooth wool)
  • less ease (not afraid of it anymore!) It is now a bit roomy although it has just an inch positive ease  Now I added width but with my bust size it wasn't necessary at all. I guess from cup A to C there is no need for that.
  • want to try other types of shoulder solutions
  • lower the armhole a bit
  • make the bodice a tad longer (though this is how it is supposed to be, truly 40's style!)
  • although it is period and pattern accurate, I prefer a bit less wide shoulders
not to change next time
  • tension/gauge (I think 7 sts/1 inch =28 sts/10 cm is just perfect for vintage jumpers! I already have two yarn options which I knit with the same tension and are easily available, plus not too expensive: drops alpaca and drops baby merino.
  • the neckline is flattering, just perfect for this type of jumpers, not too low and not too high
  • like the wide ribbing at the waist 
  • love the increase after the ribbing for a bit blousy look, it makes my waist look smaller!
  • like the button closure of the back neck opening with the crochet loops


The most important thing is that I learned a lot while knitting this jumper. I know now how to correct things, I'm not afraid of adding less ease either. I have a good idea how many stitches are just right with this gauge so I can adjust the sizing of my next jumper even better. That one will be just perfect!

Next time we are continuing the wartime pattern series. The next pattern will be a quick, but oh-so-pretty little project!

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