8 Jul 2013

Miss Lemon wardrobe files : 6. Red pieces

Miss Lemon loves red! She often chooses a bordeaux hue or 'true' red for her outfits. Of course, with a coordinated color of lipstick!

Bordeaux dress with ruffled off-white collar
This dress has so many pretty features! I love the little ruffle details at the back of the sleeves! The intriguing neckline is high and decorated with a shawl secured by a metal ring. Under the collar is a cutout feature with two rows of narrow ruffles.



Bordeaux evening dress
This is the only evening dress Miss Lemon owns. She wears it with a brooch.
Compared to the evening dresses of the rich ladies this one has a high, modest neckline and little sleeves too. We only see the upper part of the dress but can imagine it has a long, straight skirt.

Bordeaux coat
A tailored coat with big, rounded lapels. Looks almost like something from the 70's, right? The coat has pleated details at the back and lapels in a complementary brown color. The upper lapels have parallel rows of topstitching.



Bordeaux 'Art deco' dress
The main features are the softly rounded off-white collar and the striped inserts. This dress has very little shaping. The early 30's high waistline ties at the back.


Brick red dress with yellow details
Another early 30's raglan sleeve dress! The raglan seams are accentuated by a row of ajour. The close-up pics shows the delicately woven fabric which must be quite heavy weight too because it drapes beautifully.


Red striped double bow sweater
This sweater has a fake button tab at the front that makes it look as a cardigan. Have you spotted the distinct stripes at the sleeves? The sweater (or 'jumper' as they called it back then) has a double bow in a contrasting color, that is tucked under the button tab. I think this is one of the designs in the series that would be easy to reproduce, just by altering a ready-made sweater.


Fun fact: this sweater returns in an 11th season episode 'Cat among the pigeons' and is worn by another character in two different scenes:

Blue dress with bright red accents
A one-scene-dress again! This is actually a dotted blue dress but the distinctive bright orange-red inserts attract the eyes first. There is a red colored belt too. The sleeves have a cut-out feature. The big, rounded lapels and the sleeve inserts are buttoned down at the corners. In the close-ups there is a lace insert making the deep v-neck more modest:



Bright red plaid dress with white jabot collar
Such a pity, here is another dress we only see in an evening shot, when Miss Lemon is listening to the radio (where Poirot unravels the mystery of the Harlequin figurines) As she walks by we get a glimpse of the white cuffs and the belt. Interesting detail: The edges of the collar are finished with bias tape from the same fabric.

Orange dress
This dress appears just in two short scenes in two different episodes and almost escaped to my attention! It is worn with a white jacket so no clue about the sleeves. The skirt is long and slightly flared. The dress has a finely embroidered white collar with a mini-jabot, once worn with a brooch and once without.


Next up: white and pastel colored outfits!

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