9 Jul 2013

Bathroom progress in new house...

We started about a year ago with the renovation of our new 1950's house. We are still not moved in, but we are getting closer. The last obstacle is the bathroom which is tiled for about 50%. Unfortunately the walls aren't straight, we even had to redo the wall behind the shower and toilet because it was done badly. Can you believe that a few months ago we've even paid someone, to get it done the right way?! I believe that by now we are able to do everything ourselves. It jut takes time...
In the meantime more and more stuff gets temporarily 'lost' between the two houses, like my sewing stuff. This means that in my free time I have to concentrate on knitting and crocheting at the moment, next to my Miss Lemon series. Sorry for the absence of sewing projects lately!

Me doing the wall tiles:

My mom and sister visited from Hungary and they brought an old lamp shade for our new kitchen! The glass shade was a gift from my mom to my grandma somewhere in the 1960's. It survived all those years and fits perfectly in our pistache-green kitchen!


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