8 Jan 2012

I'm back...

I'm back!
Highlights of december in a nutshell. Mostly baking (somehow more baking than sewing, due to the long repair period of my sewing machine)

- In december we've spent a week in London. (My first trip by the Eurostar train and it was great!)

 - Made my first frosted orange muffins (I have been baking muffins for ages, but never with a frosting. This one is made with cream cheese):

- I've found a great recipe for Indian Naan bread:

- Still looking for the best Hungarian brioche recipe (although this one looked really pretty with a 6 strang breading which I adapted from a Jewish challah recipe):

- Made a pretty white chocolate 'Tree stump cake' for christmas (the horizontal Y-shape is what we call a tree stump in Hungary):

- Applied for a new job and got it! (Starting soon)
- Going back to school again for the next three years (will be my third bachelor...)
I won't have as much time for sewing as I would like to have, but I'm definitely going to post every project I make!
I'm still in love with  40's  style dresses, so the next one is going to be something like that.

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