15 Dec 2011

Crocheted details

The detail picture above is a crocheted insert from a blouse of my Mom's. The blouse was made by my grandmother of beige cotton. It had 3/4 puffed sleeves with openings along the upper seam and I remember it as if it was yesterday... My mom threw the blouse away recently, but she saved the crocheted insert for me. The color has turned a bit reddish somehow, so I'll have to dye it if I want to use it.
My grandma used to make almost all of the clothes we had as children and she used to sew for my mom a lot too. My mom wasn't as driven as my grandma and myself, but she managed to finish a pattern drafting course.

It is made of 'Pearl' or 'Perle' cotton yarn, which is actually a yarn used for embroidery:

There are many ways to use crocheted details on dresses. You can use it instead of a waistband or use it to accentuate a yoke on a blouse. My grandma has a few '60s and '70s crocheting and knitting pattern books, there are even patterns for making crocheted gloves. How about a crocheted insert for the Macaron dress? If you have the time you can even make a crocheted wedding gown like in the picture below or like this one!

From left to right clockwise: Topshop dress, Modcloth blouse, Claire Pettibone wedding gown

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