30 Nov 2011

The finished Macaron dress

Pattern: 'Macaron dress' from Colette patterns
Fabric: soft corduroy
I made just a few adjustments, after making several muslins version 1 here, version 2 here and version 3 here I decided to cut size 4 except for the top part of the bodice, the grey parts which are size 2. Plus, I lengthened the skirt by 7 cm (approx. 3 inches)
The fit turned out great. The shoulder darts make the fit of the top much better. (Why don't use modern patterns shoulder darts anymore?...) Love the shape of the skirt! It is slightly smaller at the hem and the stiffness of the corduroy is ideal to accentuate that. The instruction booklet is clear (as always with Colette patterns). The pockets are inserted in the outer folds in a really interesting way. When you are sewing the instructions are easy to follow though. I used a bright pink bias band to finish the seams and the hem on the inside and a leftover from my grey Jasmine blouse for the facings and the pockets.

The colors are in reality like this:

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