8 Aug 2011

The 'Rainy summer' dress

Well, the sun is back for a while so here are a few new pics.
And a review
Fabric: Gingham-style cotton
Pattern: Sewaholic Lonsdale dress
Time to complete: about 2x5 hours, mainly because of matching the fabric. For the same reason cutting the pieces took almost as long as sewing the dress...

The Lonsdale is my favorite summer 2011 pattern!
It goes together really easy, there are just a few pattern pieces. The fit is great, partly adjustable with the strapes. My bodice is made up from two sizes, size 6 at the waist and 8 around the bust and it fits just perfect! Adjusting the pattern pieces is easy as well. I really love the flared skirt on this dress!
What I did differently: I used an invisible zipper on my dress instead of a regular one and to save on my fabric I used a different fabric for lining the bodice pieces.


  1. Lovely dress! Great work. I also had to adjust my bodice, maybe sewing a size smaller would have helped. How did you connect the two? BTW I love you wooden extension

  2. I did a size 8 on the top and size 6 on the bottom part of the bodice, the fit is now perfect. I pretty much documented the process of sewing two Lonsdale dresses on this blog, just click on the Lonsdale label...