7 Aug 2011

Details on the maxi dress

After reading the Sewaholic sewalong post about stay tape I decided to reinforce the sides. I've got the one that you can iron on the fabric, there's no need to stitch it:

Matching the pattern on a side seam:

Matching the stripes. The seam finishing is the same as on my ' Butterfly garden' dress:

On the side seams tried to match the horizontal blue lines. You can't match the pieces everywhere because of the different grainline (picture on the left) The front and back skirt seam is matched both horizontally as vertically (picture on the right)

Making the loops. I find it easier to press the seams before turning them right side out, that way the seams stay open on the inside:

I pinned the pockets to match the stripes:

I've finished the lower edge of the pockets with a bias band (this fabric is really a horror to work with!)


  1. beautiful work! I had to spend a lot of time planning matching on my version, too. It's worth the effort.

  2. I think matching the stripes, checks, gingham, even matching a dotted fabric is definitely worth every second! In the past I used to be quite relaxed about that, resulting in a huge amount of UFO's. That's why I try to do it better now, making and adjusting muslins, matching the fabric and paying attention at seam finishing... but at the end of the day I really like my 'close to perfect' garments!