6 Aug 2011

Cutting the pieces and matching, matching...

I've cut the pieces for the maxi-Lonsdale dress. It wasn't easy because of the gingham-like fabric.
First of all, I prewashed and ironed the fabric.
I cut the pieces on one layer. I like to do this anyway because it works better for me, it is more precise than cutting a folded fabric. For a gingham or a plaid first thing to do is to make the grainline clear visible on the pattern pieces. Usually there are short lines, I like to lenghten them from side to side and pin that line first on the fabric:

There are different ways to match the fabric. Since this fabric has small motifs the easiest way was to turn the cutted piece, match it and cut around it for the other half:

I've even matched the pocket pieces (on the side seam for the back)

I used a different, plain thin cotton fabric to cut the inner layer of the bodice back and the lower parts of the bodice front.

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