30 Jul 2011

The Lonsdale dress muslin

Ever since it came out I was in love with this pattern. It's a pity the Dutch summer sucks this year (all we have is a few ' tropical' days, Death Valley style or rainy days all the time...)
Well, finally I've ordered my first Sewaholic pattern!
What I like about it is the fitted top and the beautiful flared skirt with pockets!
I think this might be a universally flattering style for almost every bodytype. Love the simplicity of it, no darts or really curvy seams to sew.

First I looked at the sizing. Yes, I took the measurements this time! I decided to go with size 8 first although the finished measurements seemed too roomy at the first glance.

So this was size 8 at the stage when I already pinched out 2 cm in the front. Still too big around the under-the-bust area, although it might be okay around the bust ( mostly because of my wide back)

Then I realized that it would be better to try a size smaller instead of taking out centimeters here and there.
Here are the pics of size 6:

I need to shorten the sides by 0.5 cm (I don't have a tiny waist from the front, although it looks kinda small from the side). I think I leave it a size 8 at the top:

After checking back to the Sewaholic website I realized that I needed to pull up the top a bit higher (obviously not yet done in these pictures). This is the point when the adjustable strapes come in...really handy!
First I was thinking of sewing the strapes down, or maybe using buttons to be able to shorten it, but with this muslin I learned to appreciate that the strapes are adjustable and it would be nearly impossible to tie it the same way every single time. And I love the bow!

I'm not going to make another muslin, the few pattern adjustments will be:
- shortening the sides by 0.5 cm
- cutting a size 6 bodice, at the widest part fading into a size 8

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