18 Dec 2014

'Koeka' inspiration for diy nursery accessories

I already shared my first knock-off project for a Koeka item yesterday and there is more to come!
Koeka is a brand from the Netherlands, and was set up in 1998. They have blankets, changing pad covers, mats, bedding in their collections, but also clothing items and accessories. Their simple but chic signature style is easy to recognize. Although the prices are high the items are easy to reproduce as well if you are handy with a sewing machine.
Take a look at their lookbooks for more inspiration!

Their 'Amsterdam' ad 'Antwerp'-style products have a soft, cotton waffle (or honeycomb) fabric in combination with a matching velour or bath-towel fabric. The edges are finished with recognizable, decorative zigzag-like stitches (which i.m.o. can be easily replicated by using simple blanket-stitch or a closed blanket-stitch)
A few of the items I like:

baby blankets:
These are made of two layers: waffle cotton + teddy or waffle cotton + cotton flannel fabric:

Below is the reversible 'Amsterdam' playpen-mat, again with waffle cotton and bath-towel  fabric:

changing pad cover:
For their 'Amsterdam' changing pad cover they use the cotton waffle fabric or a knitted base in combination with a cotton bath-towel fabric for the middle section:

This one below is the 'Valencia' cover, knitted cotton, again with bath-towel fabric:

An easy-to copy toy-bag for the crib or bed:

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