29 Dec 2014

diy: hooded baby bath cape

material & sizing:
Finished size: 75x75 cm (29 1/2 x 29 1/2")
- 1 IKEA Haren bathtowel 100x140cm (39x59") surface density: 400g/m2 (1.31 oz/sq ft)
- about 260 cm bias tape (approx. 102")
optional: leftover fabric for front of hood

1. cut a 75x75 cm square main piece (no seam allowances needed!)
2. draw rounded corners with a small size plate (mine has a diameter of approx. 10 cm = 4")
3. cut and a triangle for the hood. My triangle measures 19 cm (=7 1/2") from the rounded top to the center of the long side.
(If you want to add another fabric layer to the front cut another triangle. I used my trusty cotton waffle fabric, but you can use any other printed fabric too.)

4. if you have more layers for the hood, pin and stitch the layers of triangles together (this prevents the layers from shifting when attaching the bias tape)

First finish the edge of the long side of the triangle hood:
5. press one side of the bias tape slightly open, this makes it easier to place.
6. pin it with the open side to the edge on the wrong side and stitch.
7. trim about 1/2 of the seam underneath the bias tape to reduce bulking.

8. press seam flat from the right side, then turn wrong side up (you can see the trimmed seam below at right):

9. fold the bias tape in half (the edge should meet the stitch line) press and pin:

10. sew the bias tape in place on the right side with a small topstitching:

11. Pin the triangle for the hood in place:

12. attach the bias tape all around as described above (steps from 5 to 10)
Al the layers are going to be thick, so carefully trim after sewing:

don't forget to slightly stretch the bias tape when pinning around the corners!

13. ready!

I made two of these bath capes today:

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