16 Dec 2014

a few practical baby-projects: fitted sheets and badcapes...

A few projects I've been working on:
4 fitted sheets for the crib (the sizing is odd, so there are no fitting readymade sheets available anyway). The first one I made had elastic casing all around but I didn't like the fit, so I changed to two elastic casings at the shorter ends. The fit is much better!

2 playpen mattress covers: upcycled from an old IKEA sheet. I dyed it in a grey color and added an elastic casing the same way I did for the fitted bedsheets:

I made two badcapes from IKEA bath towels. Surprisingly, the cheapest  IKEA bath towel 'HAREN' is really soft. I payed 4.99 euro's for a large, 100x150 cm one. (The finished size of the badcapes is 80x80 cm) The trimming is made out of left-over stash fabric. For the badcape there are lots of tutorials on the internet, I used this one. I wasn't really precise when cutting the bias tape and just ironed it (approximately) to size.

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