10 Oct 2014

Phildar baby cardi progress

One of the last pieces of the Phildar baby cardigan!
I've worked a lot lately so didn't have much time to knit in the evenings (was rather lying slightly 'knock-out' on the couch...)

After finishing the main pieces right now I'm busy with knitting the buttonband annex shawl-collar pieces. It's knitted in two pieces which are attached behind the neck opening.
The interesting thing is that instead of picking up stitches along the sides you start to knit the buttonband/scarfcollar separately, from the outer edge inwards, finishing with a few rows in another color yarn at the inner edge. Then you need to sew the pieces on, separately attaching the individual stitches and then remove the rows of the other yarn. The result should be a smooth, almost invisible edge where the two parts meet.

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