30 Apr 2014

1965 travel wardrobe

I've always been intrigued by vintage wardrobe plans. How to do it with just a few items or what to buy when you only have limited resources (coupons), when or go on holidays.
The Duchess of Cambridge recently finished her Australian tour. I don't think her travel wardrobe was particularly special or exciting at all. Were you impressed?
Of course, it is hard to assemble a versatile travel wardrobe, especially when you want to use a limited amount of items (which was certainly not the case for Catherine...) How about a wardrobe of 21 garments, weighing only 22 lb? (=less, than 10kg)
Bridget Maginn was a famous American sewing expert in the 1960's. Her 3-months Australian tour in 1965 was sponsored by Butterick and Singer. 
For her light-weight travel wardrobe Butterick selected 8 of their own patterns:
  • 1 coat
  • 5 suits
  • 1 blouse
  • 1 overblouse+skirt combination
  • 1 dress+jacket combination 
  • 1 cocktail dress

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