26 Mar 2014

The great British Sewing Bee - season 2

Getting beck to sewing! Can't wait to start and finish (!) my 40's blouse project. in the meantime I almost missed season 2 of the Great British Sewing Bee!
I wrote coupe posts about the first season and learned my sewing lessons (read about it here)
This year they are back! The lovely judges, who are honest and supportive. Nice to see this in the world of uncountable reality-series where judges make sure that candidates have a hard time. And don't you love Patrick Grant in his elegant 3-piece suits?
Are they the best home sewers of Britain? I doubt it. I feel there is a huge difference in the sewing experience of the contestants. Some of them doesn't even know the basics (like never heard of 'understitching', or have no idea how pants are constructed) but it's always fun to watch. The most important thing, it makes me happy and motivates me to get behind the sewing machine!

The series are almost finished in Britain and not every episode is available online (yet), but here is a link to the first episode: back to basics!
The first episode tests the sewers on the three core fabrics in a dressmaker's cupboard: cotton, wool and silk. The surprise Pattern Challenge tasks the sewers with making a simple tunic top out of straightforward cotton. Some excel at producing the perfect top, some struggle to finish, and others cut corners - to their cost. In the Alteration Challenge the sewers demonstrate their ability to transform a plain high street woollen skirt in just 90 minutes, creating mini skirts with frills, pencil skirts with peplums, and dungarees. Finally, the sewers face the toughest of core fabrics when asked to fit a made-to-measure silk nightgown for a model.

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