14 Mar 2014

1940 Valerie jumper - the (not so easy) tabs

Wel, I didn't expected the tabs being the hardest part of this project!
I've finished and ripped out the first one twice and had it right for the third try! Two mistakes I made: counting too much and calculating too little. I thought that the amount of stitches to cast on (96 sts) were way too many, so at first try I casted on way too few stitches. The second try I still didn't believe the original stitchcount could be right, but did it anyway. Sigh...thought so.
Below the third version with 74 stitches which worked perfect for me!
After assembling (left) and after steaming from the wrong side (right):

The finished tabs, after blocking - looking great!

One more to show you that (before blocking) my Valerie is slightly less wide than my Top Honors jumper:

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