20 Mar 2014

1940 Valerie jumper - finished!

You might notice that I made these pics a while ago, in a session with my other jumpers. What I love about this jumper the most, is the fit! 
  • It fits snugly, but not too tight
  • the length is just perfect
  • the placing of the shoulder line  is right
  • I find the 3/4 sleeves very flattering
  • besides that I'm charmed by the overall pattern and the tabs which add interest.

material & sizing:
I normally wear size small, the amount of yarn I used is 380g
This is just 20g short of 8 skeins of drops baby merino yarn, color 'electric blue'. Since the yarn was on sale I payed 2.60 euro for a skein instead of 3.60. This makes the total costs about 20 euros. Not bad!

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Although I modified my version for a better fit below is the original pattern if you want to make it for yourself.

the original pattern:

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