10 Mar 2014

1934 cruise wardrobe - article

This week back to the 1930's again. Today an article from 1934, which gives a detailed description of a cruise wardrobe when you decide to escape the cold weather. Later this week: in the baby bootie series the cutest 30's booties ever!!! Plus, the finishing touches on my Valerie jumper.
Suddenly, the weather has got warm here, in Western Europe. We are experiencing a quite warm winter this year. No sign of snow at all! When the temperatures are rising it is nice to think about planning the holidays. This week we finally sold our old house (yay!) so there will be more money left to get away for a few days. In the 30's cruises were the ultimate holiday get-aways for the rich. Entertainment, socializing and sunbathing on the ship and sightseeing ashore. With these items you are safe for colder weather on the way and ready for a summer holiday ashore!
"The experienced, well-dressed traveller, you will find, takes a few well-made clothes, the minimum amount of hats and shoes, and looks infinitely smarter than the amateur who is always changing her frocks and is encumbered by many trunks and suitcases."
tweed or flannel suit
  • Flannel in beige, grey, dark blue or brown; tweeds in checks and plaids. 
  • The  coat should be either hip length (nipped-in-at-the-waist) or full length (either fitted or swagger style) 
  • A skirt of the same fabric, with a big pleat back, and in front stitched down to knee-height to complete the suit. 
  • Complete with blouses, several wool sweaters a wool cardigan
long coat
  • A long coat with a high collar and deep pockets in natural colored tweed (flecked with brown and yellow) lined with yellow jersey to wear over sweater and skirt or frocks. 
  • The blouse is of the same jersey and the skirt is the same tweed tweed or flannel with matching long coat (to wear sweater or cardigan underneath) 
  • Grey flannel instead of tweed combines well with everything. 
  • White flannel and chinchilla cloth coat can be an option, but then you need another coat for colder weather.
lightweight wool frock
  • To wear on board. 
  • It should be very tailored looking, in a lighter shade fine wool jersey.
  • machine knitted or handknitted material, short sleeves, trimmed with buttons and pockets.
  • Color suggestion: pastel blue, grey, pink or yellow, beige, grey, white
wool frock 
  • To wear ashore. 
  • Sleeveless or short sleeved, with an accompanying brief jacket, which is made in the same fabric with short or 3/4 sleeves in plainly tailored crepe-de-chine or linen. 
  • Thin frocks should be of crepe-de-chine, pique, tweed, linen or any of the non-transparant cottons, tailored with a severe neckline, short sleeves and pleats in the skirt. 
  • Printed crepe with a flower, dotted or striped pattern in red and white, blue and white, yellow or green or brown and white can be an option.

evening dress with a cape or jacket
  • The simpler the better. 
  • Made out of printed crepe, lace or chiffon.
  • Add long coat of velveteen, velvet or sheer wool in a bright color for cooler nights on deck.
sports outfit
  • An outfit consisting of shorts, shirt and detachable skirt for deck sports, in linen, pique, jersey, sponge cloth or flannel. 
  • The shirt is made like a men's buttoned shirt with two patch pockets. the shorts can be tight fitting if you are slim. 
  • For the 'stouter' girls pleats over the stomach and full legs that hang linke knee-length skirts. 
  • A skirt with buttons at centre front (the bottom buttons are left undone and there is no need to wear stockings!)
bathing costume or beach dress 
  • To wear on deck.

  • Evening shoes which can be paired with several gowns and topcoat.
  • Two pair of day shoes: 
  • one pair of white or brown, and white low-heeled, rubber soled lace-ups for deck wear 
  • and a pair of white or brown and white court shoes with a high Cuban heel for ports. 
  • Add a dark pair of shoes if one of the ports is cold.
  • Made of the same material as the tweed or flannel ensemble.
  • A medium brimmed thin white felt or panama for the thin frocks 
  • and a big white straw for the ports.
  • a white or colored mackintosh (=trench coat) for rainy ports
  • scarves in dark or bright colors to wear with the thin frocks and sweaters.

source newspaper article and images: Australian Women's Weekly through Trove.

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