13 Feb 2014

My new pair of Clarks shoes!

After collecting the pretty images of the Clarks shoes past week here I decided to get a pair for myself. Since those shoes were from the 2013 fall collection a lot of were sold out (sigh...) and what was available wasn't on sale (of course). At the end of the day I picked up the Oxford-type 'Alfresco Art', a pair of lace up shoes with 'snake' details in black, which I can wear both with skirts and with trousers. The fit is really great and the inside has a soft cushion which relieves the pressure on the ball of the foot. Though I have wide feet the 'regular' d-width is pretty comfortable for me (a lot of shoes, like pumps are also available in the extra-wide E-width!) Though I paid the full price I'm convinced it is worth the investment. I'm already addicted!

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