5 Feb 2014

Jumper styles and shapes from the 30's to the 60's

It is interesting to look at how jumper styles changed through the decades. Before starting to knit you really need to look at the pictures of the finished items and ask yourself the quetion: Will this look good on me? We all have different body shapes and let's be honest, not every garment accentuates the best parts of it. The models, even from 100 years ago seem to have the same, slender body shapes with tiny waists which makes every item look wonderful on them. Frustrating!

When it comes to making vintage inspired garments I think you need to know which era produced the most flattering patterns for your body type.
As you might know by now, I prefer the 40's. This is why:
  • The accentuated shoulders are perfect to disguise the lack of shape in the waist. 
  • The 30's could also be a good choice because of a wide variety of embellishments, for the same reason. 
I also know which parts to adjust:
  • Those era's are well-known for the high necklines. I lower them a bit because of my round face. 
  • Since I am high waisted I know it is more flattering to add extra width above the waistline to create a slightly blousy shape.
  • Of course, I lengthen the tops too, because a very short jumper with a high waist is not a good combination...
The 60's are not my fashion era, simply because of the lack of shaping in the garments. I can imagine those garments would look fabulous on a thin person with small boobs, but with my swayback and broad shoulders they'd just look shapeless sacks on me. The 50's have a question mark in my book, because the hourglass shape which I simply don't have...

Which fashion era do you prefer and which one looks best on you?
Sloping shoulders or elevated ones, dolman sleeves or puff sleeves, fitted tops or relaxed ones?

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