21 Feb 2014

40's starlet: the beautiful lauren bacall

Who do you think is the most beautiful 40's Hollywood starlet? My favorite is Lauren Bacall. She has a beautiful face and the most fabulous eyebrows ever!

"Lauren Bacall, glamorous 20-year old newcomer, made a sensational screen debut with Humphrey bogart in 'To have, and have not'. Bogart wants to marry her as soon as his divorce from Mago Methot is final. In 1943 Mrs. Howard Hawkins, wife of producer-director, saw Laren's photo in a magazine, and persuaded her husband to give her a screen test. Under contract to Warners', Lauren has just finished her second film, 'The big sleep', and is scheduled for the lead in 'The Fountainhead'." (march 1945)

A scene from her first movie with Humphrey Bogart. The story was based on a novel of Ernest Hemingway. The 20 years old Bacall and 45 years old Bogart met and fell in love on the set. She was is fourth wife, but also the last one. Their dream-marriage ended 13 years later, in 1957 when he died of cancer at the age of 57.

did you know that...
... the famous, mysterious 'look' of Bacall we see in many pictures (when she tilted her head and looked upwards, like below) was caused by her nervousness? Lauren Bacall was so nervous on set, that she had trembling head. "I found that by holding my head at a certain angle, and looking up I could hold it still, so I could either look to the side or look up, but I held my chin down. And that's how that became the look" she said.

"Lauren Bacall, most publicised feminine star of 1945, and wife of Humphrey Bogart, started her career as a model for Harper's Bazaar. Known to all her friends by her real name of Betty, she confesses she is not the fussy type in cloths, and prefers plainly cut frocks and slacksuits. She never wears a hat, and all her jewellery is gold. Since her marriage she has become adept at sailing her husband's yachts and skiffs. Her newest film is Warners' 'Confidential agent' with Charles Bogert." (february 1946)
A documentary about her life and career she built on her own, after her Hollywood years and the death of Bogart:

Source newspaper images: AWW through Trove

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