25 Nov 2013

Top honours jumper: 3. sleeve cap + modification: back neck opening

Hello everyone, let's start this week with a post on the progress of my Top Honours jumper! I still manage to knit between the skirt-sewing project and th e house-project...

When reading the instructions I was surprised to find that there was no extra opening besides the quite small neck opening. Could it be an error or was it supposed to be like that? Anyway, I decided to add a back opening, just like the Phillipa's to avoid stretching up the neck opening every time I put the jumper on and off.
With the calculations I made I ended up between two pattern units, with a slipstitch in the middle. Since an edge with slipstitches wouldn't be stable I divided the pattern by adding my underlayment next to that. Added 4 stitches for an underlayment just like on my Phillipa jumper here. (I'm planning to use press-studs because of the busy pattern and just one, pretty button on top.

this is how it looks from the right side and the wrong side:

shoulder seam:
When attaching the sleeves you need to match the stripes, up until the last 2 on the diagonal line. Then top square part needs to be shirred before attaching:


A quick fitting in the bathroom - I hate bathroom-pics, but can you tell I'm happy with the fit?

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