20 Nov 2013

Sewing a skirt to match my jumpers

Let's continue this week with a little bit of sewing!
Two weeks ago I ran into 2.3 meters (2 yd.) leftover jeans fabric for 9 euro's, and thought it would make two great skirts for autumn!
The first pattern that came to my mind was the one I used for my green corduroy skirt back in 2011. I must say, that is probably the most worn item I've ever made! I remembered that the waist part needed heavy modification so I decided to interchange that part. Little problem: somehow I lost that particular issue of the sewing magazine. Luckily one of my colleagues has it and I can borrow it.
But still, in the meantime I had this 'urge' of making an A-line skirt, so I went through the other skirt patterns I have and pulled out this pretty 1944's Vintage Vogue suit pattern:

Vintage Vogue 2885 (out of print)

Although the skirt seems to be fitted it is really an A-line skirt:
"Slightly flared skirt has a contour waist, back pleat, hook and eye, side snap or zipper closure."

Theoretically, the only modification I needed to make is to shorten the skirt to my go-to just-above-the-knee length while keeping the width and the flare of the lower part. The original length is around 70 cm which is an unflattering length for me, with the hem hitting my calves at the heaviest part.
The original skirt doesn't have a lining. Wartime restrictions made it easier to wear skirts with separate underskirts. Since I have a lot to do around the house I decided to try the British Sewing Bee challenge and finish the skirt in 3.5 hours! Have I managed to do it? Stay tuned for the answer and construction details.

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