28 Oct 2013

1941 coat inspiration

What a beautiful silhouette has the coat on the left! Ladies, get your corsets ready...
"Worth's superlative coat in heavy black cloth with slender bodice and swing skirt. Two huge panels and epaulets of gleaming silver fox add magnificent flourish"

The one on the right could fit our fuller body shape and has a really interesting pocket solution with a flattering, fur-trimmed collar and an asymmetrical closure:
"An unusual pocket effect and diagonal closing are featured in this coat of nigger-brown* wool. The pointed collar, a modified Peter Pan, is of mink."

*As Tina kindly pointed out African Americans could find the term used in the color description of the second coat offensive. Sorry for that. I felt that by leaving that word out I would apply censure to the original contents which wouldn't feel right. The term as used here was widely used back in the 30's and 40's to describe a rich, dark brown color.

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