15 Jul 2013

Miss Lemon wardrobe files: 7. Whites & pastels

If you asked me whether Miss Lemon wore white and pastel colored outfits in the series I would probably say no. She wears more often strong, primary colors, and a lot of these make only a brief appearance, or the jackets in combination with other dresses. When watching the series I couldn't even remember the pretty suit below!

Off white belted suit and pale yellow jabot blouse
This is a belted summer suit with red and green dots fabric and decorative wooden buttons. It has no collar and the belt has a wooden buckle. The jacket is worn with a long, straight skirt of the same fabric. There are pockets placed above the breastline and the hips of the jacket. The jacket has no collar and has a low placed, hidden closure in the front.
Interesting feature: the two decorative buttons at the back of the neckline.



Pale pink satin blouse with cording
Two scenes behind the typewriter. That is what this blouse gets with the beautiful neckline. The long sleeved satin v-neck blouse has gathering at the shoulders. The neckline is embellished with surface cording.

Pale pink blouse
A basic, long sleeved blouse in a soft fabric. Here worn with a basic black skirt.

White blouse with pintuck collar and jabot
This is a fresh white blouse, we get to see the most. Miss Lemon wears this jabot-collared blouse quite often, in combination with different jackets. It even returns in one of the later series, after a few years of absence of Miss Lemon. At first glance, the collar seems to be ruffled but if you look closely it is actually pintucked! Also the sleeves have the same pintuck-ruffle finish.



Grey-white blouse 
this blouse has pintucked and pleated details along the button tab, with scalloped edges. It closes with small, fabric covered buttons.

Pale pink suit 
A jacket and dress combination that reminds me of Jackie Kennedy's famous pink suit. Obviously, because of the color, but also because the jacket looks boxy, with very little shaping. The jacket closes with three big white buttons, just above the hips. We don't get to see the matching dress worn underneath, but it has a V-neck and an asymmetrical row of white buttons along the neckline. The dress has a slightly flared, long A-line skirt.



Pastel flower suit
This summer-y, pastel flower suit appears just once, when Miss Lemon wears it to a date and runs late for work. Both the jacket and the skirt have simple lines which compensate the busy fabric. Like all of her white suits, also this one is collarless and there are no visible buttons.


Pale lavender jabot collar dress
Miss Lemon takes all of her 'girly' clothes out of the closet and wears this dress when she introduces her (one-time-only) love interest to Poirot. This dress has a lot of details: long, gathered sleeves and a frothy jabot collar. It has a high, fitted waist. Two plisse pieces of fabric are sewn down below the shoulder line and hang free just above the high waistline. (You can spot the same lavender colored lines running down the skirt) Unfortunately we don't get to see the skirt part of the dress, but as far we can see it is fitted around the waist and probably has the usual flared A-line skirt.


Beige belted jacket
A collarless wool jacket with princess seams, tie belt and a rounded neckline. The matching straight skirt has pleats in the front.



White summer suit with belted jacket
Another versatile belted jacket with dropped shoulders and pleats in the back. The deep v-neck has no collar, only a decorative topstitching along the front edges. The belt closes with a metallic buckle. Long A-line skirt. This jacket is often worn in combination with different dresses.
I spotted a 'blooper'! The two pictures below belong to one scene. Miss Lemon wears her orange dress when she arrives and steps out of the car and then suddenly we see her in the favourite pale blue dress inside the building! The dresses switch once more in the next shot.


White satin blouse with scalopped collar
This blouse appears just once, at the end of series 8. The otherwise plain blouse has a scalloped edge collar and Miss Lemon wears it with a brooch.

Next up: the green outfits!

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