28 Jun 2013

Miss Lemon wardrobe files: 4. Grey pieces

Grey is a great basic color but we don't see many outfits in this color in Miss Lemon's wardrobe. One of her prettiest dresses is the fitted grey 'triangle' dress featured in several episodes of the series!

Grey 'triangle' dress
This fitted dress has strong geometrical features with triangle 'patches' along the button tab and the underarms. Actually I didn't even notice the underarm embellishment until I started to make screenshots of the outfits! The triangles have topstitched details. The fitted dress has a raised waistline with a belt where the inverted triangles make a bow. The straight skirt has a slightly flared hem.



Grey trenchcoat
A dove-grey, belted and double breasted trench-type coat. Instead of double lapel the collar seems to be cut in one piece. Again, only detail pictures:

Grey dress with an embroidered bow
Unfortunately this dress remains hidden underneath a cardigan. We only see the high round neck of it and a (probaby detachable) embroidered bow.

Grey button front skirt
The skirt has a (probably fake) button tab in front. The big buttons are two colored and rectangular shaped. Here worn with the favorite black sweater:


Grey and black dress
This is a very elegant, very 30's dress with simple, clean geometric lines. The draped sleeves are just amazing! The gray dress has a high v-neck. The sleeves are draped and fitted at the underarms. The grey bodice has a second, black layer which forms the skirt. As so often, we don't get to see the whole dress in one shot and Miss Lemon walks by just once to show us the sleeves in motion. Such a shame! (Love the hat by the way!)



The collar seem to be layered, with a sailor-type rectangular upper collar (see below when Miss Lemon bends forward).

Next week: the brown outfits!

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