11 Jun 2013

1930's summer fashion in Agatha Christie's Poirot - part 2

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"To sit in the sun-what could be more charming? To step from your pedestal at the zenith of your fame-what could be a grander gesture? They say of me: "That is Hercule Poirot!-The great-the unique!-There was never any one like him, there never will be!" Eh bien-I am satisfied. I ask no more. I am modest." 
The following screenshots come from the series 2 episode 'Peril at End House'. The story is placed at the Cornish coast with the Majestic Hotel and a mansion 'End house' as the background. Let me walk you through the garments that appear in this episode!

A crisp, white blouse with asymmetrical neckline and sleeve insert
in a contrasting, pastel striped fabric (of course in combination with a matching skirt!) Complemented by a large 'cartwheel' hat:


A beach scene with bathing suits for women and men! Poirot wears a summery white 3-piece suit as usual. His favourite flower brooch is adorned with a red rose:

The first of the wide-legged one-piece pajamas in the movie with a sash, piping and geometric inserts on the top:


30's evening gowns - a lot of draped capes, gloves, hair adornments...

Unfortunately this flowery georgette evening gown with a cape is only appearing in a few moving shots (dancing by). The purple gloves are embroidered!

Also only a close-up of this quite simple black satin evening gown:

Look at the lady painting!

The second beach-pajamas with a matching red-white hat and matching shoes:

Halter neck and an open back:

And there are even more details! The red fabric is striped:

And there is also a matching bolero with gathered sleeves. Just look how the buttons are placed to attach the trousers to the top:

A little bit of home-wear, the Asian influenced kimono. By the early 1900's, the Japanese kimono became popular as a Dressing Gown:



Formal diner dress with cut-outs under the flutter sleeves:

Capes to keep you warm with red sequins and white fur:

A pretty art-deco hat and again a color coordinated gown with a cape and the era-appropriate cigarette holder:

Geometric patterned dress and interior:

Hotel staff: a hotel clerck in a black and white uniform. Look at the construction of the collar! The maid wears the colors and patterns that are used in the interior:

Another head scarf and a simple black dress with cutout and metallic embroidery:

In a brief scene Miss Lemon arrives by train, look at those pretty shoes!

Unfortunately we don't get to see the blouse hiding under the jacket, but let's explore her travel-wardrobe:

Miss Lemon prefers a simple formal dress with a brooch, a necklace in a matching color and black gloves:

A brown day dress with open sleeves and ruches, and a hat with a hatpin:

A day-dress with a green and yellow geometric print and a crisp white jabot  collar:

A formal hat with ribbon adornment and a grey and black dress with pretty lines:

A totally different style of hat with feathers and fur:

Black and white hat with feathers, a black and white dress with a lot of buttons and a Greek style flowy pale blue gown:

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