9 Mar 2013

Making a greeting card from scratch - involves sewing a button...

Well, this post at least involves sewing, as far as sewing a button goes.
Since there is not much time to sew I try to use my creative energy for other things. I made this card to send to our friends who just became parents of a baby boy.
There seems to be a baby boom amongst our friends and colleagues. I was bored with the store bought, expensive cards and wanted to find a way to produce a lot of pretty, but not too expensive cards to send. Something pretty, different and suited for both baby boys and girls. So I came up with these. By using two buttons it can even be used for twins.
(I've done the outlines almost free-handed, but made up a neat PDF pattern for the stroller and the heart. Scroll down to download it)

Materials needed: 
- a set of blank greeting cards with envelopes (doesn't have to be the best quality since they will be covered with wallpaper which gives more thickness)
- structured wallpaper (is much cheaper than structured craft paper!)
- gift wrapping paper (I've got one with small red and blue flowers)
- a thin, brown cardboard box (I picked up mine at the greenery)
- cute small buttons - pink or blue
- a thicker white or other colored thread
- double sided tape
- craft glue

How to:
- cut a stroke of the wallpaper that measures the height of the card. Then fold and tear the shorter sides to size
- glue the wallpaper to the outside of the card
- cut the outlines of the stroller from the gift wrapping paper and glue it onto the wallpaper
- cut the heart from the cardboard
- using a needle sew the blue or pink button onto the heart with the thread (the ends can be left as they are)
- attach the heart on top of the stroller with double sided tape
- done!


To download the stroller and heart outlines click on the arrow next to 'Scribd.' below:

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