16 Nov 2012

House update

Slow progress around the house. The above picture is from yesterday, we had  the wall removed between the living room and the extended kitchen area.
My current activities involve a lot of digging in the garden - thankfully the weather is dry and cold, with now and then a bit of sunshine.

This is my little plan for the garden - we might get to realizing part of it next year. I love the minimalistic, structured base but also love the English-style flowerbeds and hidden places to relax with a beer and a book.
There is also a main terrace right at the house (not visible on my plan but should be below the picture). For now I'm trying to get rid of the huge amount of stones the previous owners have left and in the meantime also digging out the roots of the 3 trees we've removed.

How about the amazing color of this Burberry lace dress? (Keira Knightley wore it recently on the Tonight Show) The simple and clean lines let the color and the lace structure shine.
Why oh why don't they sell dark green lace here in Holland?

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