17 Oct 2012

New vintage coffee table

Another pretty 50's stuff for the new 50's house! Our current coffee table, a big wooden box actually won't fit in our new, smaller living room. We've been hunting for months to find a smaller,more delicate looking table instead. Now here it is. A second hand coffee table made out of teak wood, somehow, this seemed to be quite popular in 50's Europe. Vintage stuff is made so well, the quality remained through the ages. The legs are set in with metal rings which look really pretty and the glass top has rounded corners. These are some of the details you won't find on contemporary furniture. Unfortunately, vintage furniture from the 50's seem to be more expensive than a couple of years ago. Still, the prices are similar to prices of furniture from big warehouses like IKEA. When buying vintage furniture you know you can sell the pieces for the same price, even after a few years, and you have mostly original pieces of furniture.
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Current coffe table:

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