9 Jun 2012

Pretty movie dress

Here is the pretty edge finishing visible on the top and there is a peek of the buttoned construction of the sash in the back:

Probably the prettiest dress in movie history...
Keira Knightley wore this emerald green dress in the movie Atonement. A mix between 20's and 30's  evening gown styles. There is a great analysis of the design features here .

The patterns:
Vogue 7635
has the delicate spaghetti straps and the back look similar to the movie-dress:
Vogue 8556
has a similar draped front. You could make the front without draping and add a wide sash instead. It is on my to-make-list for one day.

Vogue 8814
could be another alternative because of the similar front of the top and the skirt:

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