3 Mar 2012

Sewing machine in reparation again...

Made an enthusiastic start with a Renfrew top but my sewing machine thought it was time to quit again.
Worked hard all week long, long days at work and waited, waited for the weekend and dreamed about starting with great sewing projects. And now I ended up with a half-finished top and a sewing machine in reparation again...
I'm so disappointed! The problem is as indicated above: it is a bobbin-problem. The bobbin doesn't sit tight in the bobbin case. When the loop is created by turning the shuttle hook the bobbin pops up and the thread gets caught around the bobbin several times. This pulls the fabric down under the needle and then breaks the upper thread. See picture above. Sometimes I was able to sew about 15 inches before this happened, other times I had to stop every minute because breaking the thread. Very annoying.

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