14 Jan 2012

Just discovered Marfy patterns


Ever heard of Marfy? Hints:
- You can't find every pattern on the internet, you only get to see everything if you purchase their catalog
- The pattern illustrations are drawings
- A lot of the designs have a 'vintage' look (most of them have nice, fitted shapes)
- The pattern pieces are pre-cut (by hand!!!) 
- The patterns are single sized (no multisize patterns)
- There are no cutting layouts
- Like most European patterns they don't have seam allowances
- The almost no instructions (or are very brief) and only markings on the pattern pieces
- You must calculate the amount of fabric required on your own
- The sizing goes from 42-58. It is both different from the US pattern sizing and from the European clothing sizes! According to what I can find the US pattern size 10-12 is the same as Marfy's size 42 (this is the smallest size available)
- Therefore they recommend purchasing the patterns for advanced level seemstresses only

Before you think we are going back in time, Marfy is a contemporary (apparently well-known) Italian pattern company. Founded in 1966, it still has an old fashioned feel about it in many ways.
I must admit, it surprises me how little information is out there on the internet about them! You can only find a small selection of the collections, even on the retailers websites. It is all about the catalog!

But, before you think there aren't for you because of all those reasons, on the positive side:
- There are 250 models per catalog and there is even a separate bridal pattern catalog of 200 patterns!
- The few pattern reviews I could find on sewing blogs are all (!) enthusiastic about the fit. I think I might (no, I must!) try it soon!
- The pricing is similar to the big 4, but you get just a single size pattern for the same price of the multisize patterns of the big 4.

Edit: For Marfy patterns through the Vogue/McCall's website click here (they don't ship these patterns to adresses outside the US!) To go to the Marfy website click here then click on 'the collections' to choose a year.
Update: I've ordered my first Marfy dress pattern! It is the blue shirtdress below, with buttons,  forties style gathering and yoke at the shoulders and a flared skirt. The design is definitely vintage! I've ordered the newest catalog too. It costs the same as a pattern, so definitely not cheap, but the patterns will be available for purchase for two years, so let's say, it is sort of an investment.
I think I just have found my first project for this year. Can't wait to start! 

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