20 Jan 2012

I received the EvaDress patterns today! (The other patterns are still on their way to me...)
This blouse has some really great details:
- the asymmetrical closure
- the darts/tucks at the sleeves
- pretty lines which looks even better with stripes - just look at the pattern envelope!
- the sleeves are raglan cut at the front but there is a one piece kimono sleeve at the back. Interesting...

It is a single size pattern, size 20. If I check the measurements I think it is just a size too big for me. According to the measurements given for size 18 that would be just spot on. However, vintage patterns tend to have less ease than modern patterns, so you guess, I must make a muslin...
Probably need to grade the pattern down. But first start by measuring the pattern pieces.
The coat pattern is size 18 which should fit perfectly, though it is a totally different fashion era, made 20 years before the blouse pattern. So exciting!

Another pretty blouse pattern is this one (I guess I need to buy this one too!) And how about this one?

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